About LMIS

Labour Market Information System (LMIS) is a platform for manpower management that also has the ability to collect, process, analyze, and disseminate labour market information. LMIS acts as a one-stop data and information source on the labour market. Wide variety of data reports can be generated from LMIS along with performing trend analysis and cross referencing.

The purpose of IASC-LMIS is to facilitate various stakeholders to satisfy their need of seeking and providing information helpful for developing an integrated view of the labour market in the Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance and Communication sector.

The labour market information is currently derived from a number of different sources, including surveys, administrative data and private sector sources - which may not be synchronized, current, complete and integrated. The generated information primarily caters to the needs of a few stakeholders who are involved in developing this information. Hence, it is required to put an optimal LMIS in place which takes into account the concerns of all stakeholders, as articulated in the NSDC Concept Paper on LMIS.

NSDC has conceptualized a comprehensive LMIS system encompassing the various government agencies, the Sector Skill Councils, the industry, the Training and Assessment agencies, the workers and other agencies. This is a multitier system, in which each SSC is developing its own LMIS for its integration with the national LMIS for two way exchange of information and statistics.

The above framework depends heavily on standardization of data elements, classification systems, and methodologies to provide comparable information among different geographies, sectors and skill councils.

With a view to support the ultimate intent of providing a standardized and unified view across all users and sectors, IASC-SSC has developed a web based system that supports an efficient interaction among various user groups through customized views ('Portals'). This generates the primary data that will in future enable deriving of useful trends and statistics meaningful for the LMIS.

Chairman's Message

Greetings and a warm welcome to IASC Sector Skill Council's LMIS working towards Skilling India! Skilling is all about applying knowledge in real life. We tried to create a platform to share views, technical updates, demand aggregation and employment opportunities in this fast changing sector.
Nagendra Goel

"There is no reason to be disappointed. India will progress very fast and the skills of our youth will take India ahead"

Shri Narendra Modi

"Minister of State, for Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,R.K. Singh said "There are only 4 lakh apprentices in India, out of which 2 lakh are in central public sector enterprises.”

Rajkumar Singh